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Please visit the official Pumf Records video channel at www.youtube.com/user/PumfRecords


This is where you find out what went on way back when, what's happening now, and what is to come in Pumfland.


Have you found the 'listen to' feature of the Pumf website? On the catalogue page, if you click on on of the head icons, you are able to hear an audio sample from each release. Rather than simply giving you one or two tracks from the album, you get extracts from several tracks - usually eight - which are woven together, fading in and out of one another to give you a two-minute taster. This should hopefully give you a flavour of the whole album and represent the different styles on the recordings to fuller effect.



The majority of the older, cassette-only releases are available, digitally remastered, through Pumf's 'cassette on CD-R' division - please state your preferred format (cassette or CD-R) when you order any of these older releases. 



Those observant folks amongst you will have noticed that there are gaps in the Pumf Catalogue numbers sequence. Explanations follow:
PUMF 7, PUMF 14, PUMF 28, PUMF 35, PUMF 42, PUMF 63 - all these releases are no longer available. The best bits from the six releases were compiled into a 90-minute collection titled In the Beginning there was Shite (PUMF 280, 1997).
PUMF 21 was a 1984 compilation cassette, All Things Weird and Wonderful, which sold out quite quickly. PUMF 126 was a 1988 compilation cassette, Pumf the Magick Dragon (More Things Weird and Wonderful), which again sold out quite quickly.
PUMF 77 was a 1986 VHS video titled It Ain't No Sin To Take Off Your Skin And Dance Around In Your Bones by Howl in the Typewriter. It was superceded by the inexorable march of modern technology in 2011.
PUMF 84 was a 1986 cassette titled Deviations of the Impulse by Cyclic AMP. In 2011 it was retired and put out to stud.
PUMF 119 was a 1987 7" flexidisc titled Bedrooms and Knobsticks with one track each by Howl in the Typewriter (Close) and the Ceramick Hobs (The Stoat Rides Out). It sold out in 2010.
PUMF 133 was a 1988-released album by the ceramic hobs titled Disturbing 'Boxing-Ring' Fantasies, which was 'a record of the Ceramic Hobs de-progress from Summer 1985 to Autumn 1987'. It has now sold out.
PUMF 147 was reissued as part of the Brown Paper Bag series after selling out in May 2003, and acquired a new catalogue number, PUMF 448.
PUMF 168 was a 1992 cassette titled Mouldy Roll by SWANC. In 2015 it sold one more copy as part of a large order going to Italy and went out in a blaze of glory.
PUMF 231 was a 1995 cassette titled Fainting Memories of Lancashire Hotpot - it was a label sampler featuring Crayola Summer, Treewirehead, Shrinkwrapped Genious and The Colgates, all from the Inner Psyche label. In 2015 it was discovered to be suffering from a combination of dry rot and rising damp, and had to be humanely destroyed.
PUMF 266 was a 1996 cassette titled Bring on the Coincidancing Horses by Orange Sunshine.
PUMF 273 was a 1997 cassette titled Invite you to Chew on your Yeasty Bits by Treewirehead which suffered immensely from silliness. In 2015 that silliness had progressed to full-blown psychosis, and unfortunately it had to be admitted to a psychiatric institution on a permanent basis.
PUMF 308 was a 1997 7" vinyl 4-track EP by Ceramic Hobs titled 72 Hour Drink Binge - Alcopop Madness. It sold out, but the four tracks thereon have been re-issued on PUMF 511.
PUMF 322 was Ceramic Hobs 1998 debut CD album, Psychiatric Underground. It sold out in 2oo9, but has been re-issued as PUMF 609.
PUMF 336 was a 1999 cassette titled Sonic Wallpaper by Acidfuck. In 2015 it sold one more copy as part of a large order going to Italy and went out in a blaze of glory.
PUMF 343 was scheduled for an October 1999 release, and was going to be a CD single titled Savant Guard by Flake. It was going to contain the tracks 'And So . . .', 'Exactly Fazakerley', 'Harold's Birthday', and 'Winter Hill (part 2)'. Here at Pumf we'd obtained MCPS clearance and had the pressing plant on standby . . . if only the lazy bastards in the band could have been arsed to get their shit together, this would have been a fine release.
PUMF 539 was a special limited edition artefact, the 77th Pumf Records release. To find out the whole thrilling story, click here.
PUMF 385 was a 2002 cassette titled Four Hundred Rabbits by War Drum. In 2015 it sold one more copy as part of a large order going to Italy and went out in a blaze of glory.

        Upcoming Releases

Pumf's Brown Paper Bag series of CD-R releases now numbers thirty (PUMF 357, 364, 371, 392, 399, 406, 413, 420, 427, 441, 448, 462, 483, 490, 497, 504, 525, 532, 546, 574, 581, 595, 623, 637, 644, 658, 665, 679, 700\and 714). There are no further releases scheduled at present.

volume eighteen of the godspunk series of compilation albums is in the planning stage; hopefully it will be with us in 2018, sometime early in the year.


       Yawn! Yawn!
Also, hopefully, the complete works of the sorely-missed late-80's ensemble Dandelion Adventure (both Puppy Shrine and Jinx's Truck mini-LPs, and the Peel Session) are to be released on CD. 
      Yawn! Yawn!
Yes, I know, the above tentative plans have been there for a long time and nothing's yet happened . . . various problems including communication, technological breakdown and financial concerns are keeping these plans at arm's length. But, always remember, good things come to those who wait.
      Yawn! Yawn!

pStan Batcow is always busy, one of his previous projects was photographing and researching the Post Boxes of Blackpool, England - to see the results please visit www.ausgang.com/collect/post.html.



In April 2010 I received a telephone call from my friend Kirsty, who runs a business consisting of some holiday flats in Blackpool, who sounded very flabbergasted. Upon returning home after an occasion where we had met each other for the first time in many moons, she found that somebody had scrawled graffiti outside her house - it looked like this:


The more I've thought about it, the more convinced I've become that the only person who had the incentive to write a fictitious word on somebody's gate would be the person who came up with that fictitious word, i.e. me.
I know that I didn't write it, so it looks like somebody who a) knows me and b) knows I have a friend who runs those holiday flats has tried to frame me for this heinous crime. C'mon folks, let's not deface business properties - people need to make a living, and guesthouses with 'PUMF' scrawled outside are seven times less likely to attract paying guests than those without. (I think).



In June 2016 I received an e-mail from my friend Ajay, who had found the following scrawled on a wall in a club in Amsterdam:


'Pumf' is a fairly unique word (I invented it!), so I can't think of any explanation other than the influence and reknown of Pumf is spreading. About time, too.



Finally, in this no-longer-new section of the website, here's a Pumf Records-related joke.
(If you've got a
Pumf Records-related joke, why not send it in for inclusion in this section?)

       Q: How many Pumf Records artistes does it take to change a lightbulb?
       A: One to change the bulb, and another six to make the number up to seven.

And here's another joke, sent in by this website's visitor:

       Q: How many people does it take to make up a Pumf Records artiste's gig?
       A: The members of the band plus enough audience to make the numbers up to seven.

And one more, a re-working of the world's oldest joke:

       Q: How many chickens crossed the road?
       A: (Do I really have to answer . . ?)