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Pumf Records
Pumf Records
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for the very best in bizarre, non-mainstream music
Please visit the official Pumf Records video channel at www.youtube.com/user/PumfRecords 



Founded in 1984. Is responsible for over one hundred releases in formats including audiocassette, video, flexidisc, 7" vinyl, CD and CD-R. Has remained 'ultra-street level' through a vicious campaign of being virtually ignored by both the music press and those people who would most benefit by owning the products (this means you). Remains resolute in the conviction that all its releases are worthy of audiences far greater than the meagre handful of people currently enlightened in the way of Pumf, but resigned to eternal disregard. Still dedicated to the task of continuing to find and release the strangest music on the planet.

To peruse the list of available product click the 'Pumf Records Catalogue' button above. Hear what the release sounds like by clicking the head icon at the right of the description. Any (or all) of these releases will change your life for the better - when you've decided which items you need, check out 'Pumf & Stanzine Ordering Details' by clicking that button. Easy!

Pumf's sister company, Stanzine Publications (founded 1981), is responsible for many sporadic publications which can be checked out by clicking the 'Stanzine Publications ' button. Similarly to Pumf product, any or all of the publications are likely to change your life for the better. They couldn't be described as easy reading, but are bizarrely compulsive, surreal, grotesque, or endearing by turn.

Alternatively, visit the 'Facts about the Number 7' pages to educate yourself a little.


You may also be interested in visiting a Pumf Records affiliated website, where you can see and buy artworks created by the staff of Pumf Records in his other life. Please click www.batcow.co.uk and take a look around.


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