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About Pumf Records

Pumf Records has been in operation since 1984, and is responsible for well over one hundred releases, in formats including audiocassette, video, flexidisc, vinyl, CD and CD-R. Immense enthusiasm has been the mainstay of the label throughout the years, and in the early days that enthusiasm overshadowed the quality of what we released - we knew what we were doing was great but, although the bands and the music were incredible, financial restraints prevented us from releasing anything other than home-copied cassette albums. Unfortunately, those same financial restraints also prevented the recording quality from being what it should - though we stand by every one of the label's releases, we appreciate that the earliest albums should have been recorded on much better equipment than we had access to.

Thankfully as the years went by the equipment improved. These days some of the recordings we produce and release knock spots off leopards. At heart we are still a cassette label, with the same DIY ethos and spirit, but we have bowed to the march of progress and moved to digital formats (just in time for everybody to abandon those digital formats and move to downloading music from cyberspace).

Pumf Records has remained ultra-street level throughout the years, largely ignored by the wider world - we have had reviews in major music publications at various times, and been played on countless radio stations, but we still seem to be an incredibly well-kept secret. We are resolute in our conviction that all our releases are worthy of audiences far greater than the meagre handful of people currently in-the-know about Pumf, but faintly resigned to continual disregard. (If you're reading this, you should be proud to be part of the elite group of those-in-the-know about Pumf).

We are eternally dedicated to the task of continuing to find and release the strangest music on the planet.