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Here's a T-SHIRT to make you look like you've got fashion sense.

All pSychiatrists are Bastards

it costs


and is one-size-fits-all

Next: seven BADGES that nobody ever buys. Except for John Michael Twigg.

They're all 1" diameter. That's 24 millimetres since we started in the new money.

50p each

Ceramic Hobs - All Psychiatrists are Bastards All Psychiatrists Are Bastards
Ceramic Hobs - Shergar Shergar
Howl in the Typewriter - Face design face design
Howl in the Typewriter - Dog-turd in Shrewsbury Dog-turd in Shrewsbury
Flying Eggs and Things Flying Eggs and Things
Cherish the Marble Cherish the Marble

Sparkle       SOLD OUT. Sorry


And, lastly, one Ceramic Hobs FRIDGE MAGNET.

It's 49 X 87 millimetres oblong. Or rectangular.

it costs 50p 
Ceramic Hobs - I saw the donkey at Stake Moss


I saw the donkey at Stake Moss