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The Comics of Dr. Adolf Steg

Dr. Steg World Enterprises represents the Remaining Dr. Steg Comiks Division.
The following Comiks are available at the cost of 1.23 each, and come with Postcards, Poster and Mystery Wrapped Gift.
For more information on Dr. Steg Commissions, Original Artwork, Paintings, CD's & DVD's please contact Dr. Steg.


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The Aspley Goat Clinic Comik (A5) 

A truly existentialist comik, not for the faint hearted! The smell of Albert Camus permeates this fine 8 page comik. Alas, no one knows who the fuck he is and a gang of hoodies kick the shit out of him and steal his wallet and buy a load of cheap drugs and alcohol and spend the night in a local park. This is a truly philosophical comik stressing personal experience and the responsibility of the individual, who is seen as a free agent.

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The Beetroot Generation Booklet (A6)

An excellent collection of crap poetry, Dr. Steg tries to create a new Beetroot Generation, but as usual completely fails in this task. Absolutely no one purchased this piece of shit when it was first released in 1996, only a complete cunt would buy this piece of crap.

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The Bill Semple Comik (A5)

The Dunblane Massacre as seen through the eyes of a miserable newsagent who doesn't realise he is only a drawing. His son has cerebal palsy and loves the poetry of Adolf Hitler. This totally pointless comik boasts a fabulous collection of cheese labels from around the globe on the inside back page. Otherwise it is about as enjoyable as spending a weekend in a police cell being buggered by Noel Edmonds.

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Bloptal (A5)

Imagine you have a crap job and work in a shitty office, one day you wake up with the power to do anything you wish. The first thing you see is an old man sitting in a chair by a brick wall. You decide to send him to a beautiful desert island to sit in the sun. Instead you loosen a brick and it falls on his head, he staggers into the middle of a busy road and is run over by a bus. This is the pointless power of Bloptal.

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Bonsai Piss Comik (A5)

The seminal work of one of Dr. Steg's many alter egos - Henry Newt, the bastard son of Gary Glitter. Henry somehow managed to string together some absolutely pointless gibberish and passes it off as literature. Complete shit, but the drawings are rather good and the Comik comes in very useful for lighting fires with whilst on a camping holiday in the countryside.

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The Edith Spon Comik (A5)

This is one of the major comiks created by Dr. Steg and Crayola Summer in a superb cross pollination style. This comik was a ground breaking success for nearly 3 days and continues to be not published until now. This is the first opportunity to purchase this rare piece of shit since 1996, it comes with an ingenious wrap around cover, free poster and tin of fresh filth.

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Glaptonial Smears (A5)

When Dr. Steg was given a box of old letratone and 1970's fashion drawings this was the end result. Thank God he was diagnosed with Wayne Sleep disease, now known in the medical profession as 'DANCER' and was hospitalised for eight years before he really got started with working in this medium. Luckily Edith Spon burned the remaining Letratone and drawings. This comik is all that remains of this miserable endeavour. I would seriously advise anyone not to buy a copy of this piece of shit.

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Konk Adolfs Scratch and Sniff Penis Comik (A5)

This is a comik to avoid like like the plague. It smells of stale semen and rabbit shit. This abysmal effort on the part of Dr. Steg and Shaun Odor is scraping the bottom of an already scraped barrel that has been scraped by lepers until the barrel doesn't exist anymore. If you buy this comik you are a complete fucking retard and should really drown yourself in a pond or lake.

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Stegorek 1 (A5)

The first major collaboration between Dr. Steg and Andy Paciorek, not a bad effort by both artists. Dr. Steg's bits were drawn whilst he lived in a wardrobe on a council estate in Blackburn. The original comik was tattooed onto the inside of an elephant at Blackpool Zoo, as part of a charity event in 1995 to inflict pain on animals.

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Stegorek 2 - The Fomt Comik (A5)

Things only got better as the Dr. lived in a garden shed at 24 Hope Street whilst drawing this second collaborative effort with Andy Paciorek. (I believe Andy lived in a Badger's set whilst he drew his bits). The plot includes cancerous rituals, memories of Trumpton, old school friends, Planet of the Apes, the Louvre and Rolf Harris (long before he became a complete fucking arsehole). Probably one of the finest comiks in the otherwise rather crap line of Dr. Adolf Steg Comiks.

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Stegorek 3 (A4)

This really is a lost gem - the 3rd and final collaboration comik. Andy found this behind his wardrobe last week, a lovely comik covered in dust, dead insects, old condoms, bird shit, cigarette ash, dried spittle, mouse droppings and the smell of damp plaster.

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Thee Phantom Creeps Comik (A5) and Mini Creeps Comik (A6)

The last Dr. Steg comik ever produced, commissioned by the Creeps in the original undiluted Steg style of the time, this much misinterpreted comik was heavily criticised by about one person. Due to his then heavy Horlicks addiction the Dr. withdrew from public life for nearly ten years.