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In 2015 we set ourselves the challenge of 'Making Contact' (as our project was titled) with more people from our community, and getting them to join in with our activities, hoping to encourage them to be more positive and creative. We ran regular Friday morning sessions, as well as running some short outreach projects. This project was funded by The Big Lottery Fund, to whom we are very grateful.

Here there are some photographs of what happened throughout the year, as well as some comments (at the bottom of the page) made by people who participated in what we were doing. 



We went to the Children's Centre and led weekly after-school sessions - this meant that children and parents could come along and work together to let their imaginations fly free, creating some incredible models and sculptures (and getting very messy at the same time!) We had children from both primary and secondary schools joining in.


We used bandages impregnated with plaster of paris to make our models. We dipped strips of the bandage in water, then smoothed them around shapes made of newspaper.


The bandages turned hard within five or ten minutes, making our shapes quite firm. We then added more pieces to make the shapes more complex. 




We were there to help if people got stuck, or if their ideas were a bit too difficult for them to accomplish without assistance.



Over the few weeks that we worked together, there were many great models produced - some people had enough time to make more than one.       



When the models were dry (which took at least a week) we were able to paint them.       




The theme here, in case you can't tell, was Marvel Superheroes . . .


. . . and this Spiderman mask follows that theme. Olaf from Frozen makes a guest appearance!



This year the group members worked on a variety of activities at the Friday morning sessions, including woodwork projects, mosaic, recycling old items by redesigning and repainting, cross-stitch and some knitting.


Here's a finished candle holder (which you can see being worked on in the photo above) complete with sparkly bling for added style.


A birdhouse with automatic feeder is here given a protective coat of varnish, whilst a wooden stool has its woven top worked on.



The wooden stools proved to be quite popular this year, with two other people also working on them . . .



. . . and each choosing their own colour scheme for the top.


Other projects this year included this wooden 'horse' desk tidy, a CD storage tower designed like a skyscraper. . .



. . . and a wooden sand timer (though there was so much sand in it that it could probably time the boiling of an ostrich egg!).

 This model of R2D2 from Star Wars was also created, intended as being a stand for a Star Wars themed cake. 




This wooden thermal see-saw tips back and forwards when the heat from a candle makes the weighted arm flip over - when it cools down it flips back again, continuing back and forth until the flame goes out.


Here's a simple but effective wooden sellotape holder . . .




. . . and a woodpecker that hangs on top of a door and can be used as a door knocker.


A couple of people worked on small mosaic designs, like this one showing a house number.


In September some of us attended a local Macmillan fund raising event with a small display of our artworks and some leaflets advertising the group.



We visited Mereside Community Primary School for several weeks during the summer term, helping the children to make modroc models on the theme of 'imaginary creatures'.





The children all enjoyed modelling with the modroc, and worked really hard to create their creatures.



When the models were finished, the children were able to paint them. 




Here's a small selection of the finished creatures! 






We also worked on a large (five feet tall & three feet wide) mosaic board. We asked Blackpool Council if it could be displayed somewhere public in the community, and they agreed to have it installed in the library on Mereside estate. 


 We took photos to show our weekly progress.









Here's the finished board, which was handed over in December - visit the library on Langdale Road and have a look!



Here are some of the comments people have made about their involvement in the 'Making Contact' project, and about The SuppArt Group in general:


"I have made a lot of new friends and enjoy it very much! I'm currently suffering with post-natal depression and anxiety, and coming to the group helps me a lot getting out of the house. It's also nice to mix with different generations."

"SuppArt is a great group to come to on a Friday morning. I have always been creative and this group lets me use that, with tools and equipment I might not have."

"The SuppArt Group has been very beneficial; socially, artistically and creatively. As a mother of a child with disabilities, it is easy to become isolated as my life is often different from my peers due to my caring responsibilities. Time to meet and socialise with other people in society is vital for one's health and well being. The group is also very creative and offers many more artistic techniques to learn and master than I expected; wood crafts, sculpting, painting, mosaic, electronics (!) and soldering etc. Absolutely super. I've thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills and making new friends. A lovely artistic, social, engaging community group. It's enriched my life."

"I've made good friends. There's a helpful worker to assist people when they get stuck. Concentrating on doing the arts and crafts activities takes my mind off my health problem, helps my hands not to shake."

"I've enjoyed the project very much. I've made a lot of friends as well as making lots of craft projects. I'm looking forwards to next year, meeting up with my friends."

"I've been coming to The SuppArt Group for many years and benefit a great deal from the friendship. It gets me out of the house and people to talk to as I live on my own. I have done several projects, mainly with wool. We also made a beautiful mosaic of the local windmill. It's a meeting place that we all look forward to going. I have back problems and have chronic pain so doing craft takes my mind off it. Mixing with the younger ones cheers you up no end. Looking forwards to coming during 2016."

"The worker who runs SuppArt has helped me so many times and has helped to boost my confidence in so many ways. The things I have made I would not think possible, and I did nicely too, to my surprise."