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Modroc Modelling

 We used strips of bandage impregnated with Plaster of Paris over scrunched-up newspaper to make our models, then painted them.





Sequin Art, Painting by Numbers and Pin Art 

Some group members tried their hand at sequin art, which we hadn't tried before.


We also tried Pin Art by hammering nails into a board (copying an owl design) and then wrapping coloured thread round the nails. 



 And, of course, we revisited the old faithful 'painting by numbers'.




 We carefully broke ceramic tiles, then used the pieces to make designs by cementing them to baseboards.





We made legs for this finished mosaic board so it could be used to cover one group member's fireplace (when the fire wasn't being used).



We worked on many woodwork projects this year:




like a biplane;


a wooden paper-storage file;


a mobile telephone holder,  


which was then painted;




a simple moneybox with a slot in the lid;


a very stylised elephant;



a Weather House, 


with figures of a man and woman who take turns to come out depending on the chance of rain or sunshine;


a wooden stool, with woven jute for the seat;


a different style of wooden stool;


a child's beach chair;


and this impressive CD storage unit designed to look like a skyscraper.


One of our group members started work on a clock which incorporates wood, plastic and metal sheeting in its triangular design . . .


whilst another member found an old picture frame with partitions inside and decided to recycle it. We made legs for it and gave it a coat of woodstain, before filling the partitions with coloured sweets . . .   


and ended up with a very unique 'conversation piece' glass-topped coffee table!