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Special Needs; Special People!


This is the 2018 Gallery

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In August we went on a residential weekend trip to Borwick Hall.


Our first activity of the weekend was canoeing, so we got kitted out with buoyancy aids.


We also got our paddles - but what to do with them?


Ah! Our instructor showed us how to hold them . . .


 . . . and we all seemed to get the grasp (yes, pun intended!)


Then we tried some dry-land paddling . . .


. . . before getting into the canoes, which were rafted together in twos for stability. Please note the fact that Ashley is wearing his glasses.


  We got ourselves out on the canal, and tried working as a team to control our canoes. 


  And here comes the third team - you will see that Ashley is still wearing his glasses. 


We then travelled a long way down the canal and back, with a stop now and again to play some canoe-based team games.


At the end of our canoeing session, several of our group members were brave enough to take a running jump and slide along an upside-down canoe into the freezing cold water of the canal. It was a surprise that Ashley could see where the canoe was in order to be able to make the jump, as his glasses were by then lost in the canal, somewhere half-way along our route!


In the afternoon we went to the high ropes course. We were given climbing harnesses, helmets and safety ropes, and then we were shown how to clip and unclip ourselves from the steel cables.


The instructors made sure that we practiced what we'd been shown to keep us safe.


We took turns going round the course, patiently waiting for those people in front of us to make the difficult manoeuvres.


Liam has a short rest!


Rob fastens himself back on the safety rope after getting round a tricky treetrunk.


 Angie and Dylan both make their way around the course.


As we progressed, things got harder to negotiate . . .


Then suddenly, we were walking a tightrope across the water - here's Mia and Ashley (wearing his spare glasses).
They both seemed quite calm and collected . . .




. . . whilst Liam seemed a little more concerned! Mark had an unusual method - or maybe he was just having a rest .


Emma and Angie managed without fuss.


pStan and Dylan both also got across without incident.


The last test of our courage was the zip wire, again across the water. Easy Peasy!


On Sunday morning it was time for us to have a go at archery. Our instructors showed how to hold the bow and fire the arrow.


We took turns four-at-a-time.


We waited until everybody had finished, then retrieved the arrows and brought them back for the next people to have their go.


We each had several turns, and managed to improve our technique as the morning went on.


Sharon and Dylan fought it out to see who could get closest to the bullseye.


pStan fires the winning arrow!


Next we had a climbing session.


To warm up we played a couple of fun games.


Then we took turns traversing the low course.


Our instructors made the challenge more difficult by telling us which holds to use . . .


. . . Dylan's only allowed to use yellow holds. 


A few of us then tried indoor caving - Rob found his way to the exit.


Next we went to the higher climbing wall. We encouraged each other to make the ascent, though it looked a bit scary!


We each had different techniques for climbing . . .


. . . and we were each kept safe by our belay teams securing the safety ropes. 


We were challenged to get all the way to the top . . .


. . . and touch the rafters of the barn.


Most of us managed to make the climb . . .


. . . some of us faster than others!


After we had climbed, we had to descend . . .


. . . which we did by abseiling.


Finally, Ashley took the challenge of climbing the overhang . . .


. . . and over the top to the ledge.


Our traditional end-of-residential group photo!




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