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Special Needs; Special People!


This is the 2017 Gallery

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In January we worked on some woodwork projects.


Some group members had chosen projects that only involved painting . . .


. . . but getting that desired finish must be dependent on pulling funny faces, if Mia's expression is anything to go by!


Matthew's picture frame took great concentration to paint . . .


. . . as did Michael's wooden car . . .


. . . so much so that he needed a tea break!


Some of the projects needed special tools - here Rob is getting help to cut out the pieces of his wooden animal mobile.


And here are a couple of the finished projects - a wooden rocket car and a stick puppet.



In February we had an evening's drumming with Tidal Beats.


We sat in a circle and played African rhythms . . .


. . . as well as making up some rhythms of our own.


Mostly we were using African drums called djembes.


There were also a few other other hand percussion instruments as well.



In March we spent an evening painting.


It was good fun expressing ourselves through abstract designs with paint on paper.


We each created something quite unique.


Some of our designs were based around the initial letter of our names.


Others of us did our own thing!







Also in March we had a visit from Barefoot Bellydancers.


We were given colourful sash belts with jingly metal discs attached.


These made a great noise when we danced!


There were lots of moves to try and learn from our visitors Sarah and Maddy.


All of these were set to Eastern music.


We all tried our best, although it was very difficult, and we had a great night.


In April we had a residential weekend at Borwick Hall.


On the Friday when we arrived we went out for a walk in the grounds of Borwick.


We went onto the top field towards the canal.


Although it was quite cold, it was worth it for the lovely view . . .


. . . how peaceful and tranquil!


Brendan and Michael don't seem bothered by the cold.


 On the way back we went round the front of the historic 'Old Borwick' hall . . . 


  . . . and tried to work out what we could see hiding in the underwater grass in the pond. 


On Saturday we drove to Grizedale Forest in the Lake District for a day trip.


We walked through a beautiful wooded area, the 'Sculpture Trail'.


We looked out for unusual items and structures - like these trees with wind-up keys sticking out of them.


Turning the key for a short time provided enough power for a small speaker to play a tune for us.


Further into the forest, and the way split into a high and a low path.


We found lots of other interesting things, like this little house . . .


. . . a wooden sheep, and a tiny hut.


 There was also this wooden shape that people had hammered coins into, making it look like the back of a dinosaur.


The weather was glorious for us, and there was plenty of time to relax -


- and plenty of time for a picnic lunch, too!


On the Saturday evening we went out collecting wood to have a campfire.


We managed to find quite a pile - enough for a real blaze.


As it was getting dark we lit the bonfire.


We sat under a full moon listening to the crackle of the dead wood burning . . .


. . . and feeling the warmth from the flames.


We stayed out long after dark, until the fire had died down - then it was time to go back inside for a bedtime hot chocolate!


On Sunday morning we had an archery session.


We were showed how to hold the bow and set the arrow.


After we'd fired our arrows we had to collect them from the target and bring them back for the next person.


We each had several turns, and managed to improve our technique as the morning went on.


Whilst we were waiting for our next turn we were able to laze around in the sunshine, chatting with our friends.


 Our instructors were on hand to offer advice and tips.


By the end of the session we'd managed to score a few bullseyes between us . . .


. . . and had a thoroughly enjoyable time!


Next, there was enough time for us to go to the ropes course area


After getting our climbing harnesses, helmets and safety ropes, we were shown how to clip and unclip ourselves from the steel cables.


We each practiced what we'd been shown to keep us safe - 


- and the instructors kept a close eye on us to make sure we were doing it properly.


We helped each other where we could. 


We all managed to make it at least part-way round the course, and had great fun!




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