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Special Needs; Special People!


This is the 2016 Gallery

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In March we visited Borwick Hall for a residential 'Outdoor Activities' weekend.


The weather wasn't kind to us, but on Saturday morning we got ourselves wrapped up well against the wind and rain and went to the archery field.


We were given a demonstration, and then it was our go.


When it wasn't our turn, we waited in the wooden shelter and encouraged the archers.


Mia prepares herself for a bullseye!


Everybody seemed to get the hang of it, and we had some good scores as the morning progressed. 


 Matty seems pleased with his arrows!


We kept our scores on a chalkboard, but didn't take winning too seriously.


Next we went to the indoor climbing and caving area, getting kitted out with helmets.


The area has been redeveloped since our last visit - it's very impressive!


There are loads of tunnels to explore and holes to crawl in or out of, some high up . . .


. . . and some much lower.


Who's this escaping from the labyrinth . . ?


It's Jamie, like a streak of lightning!


On Saturday afternoon, the rain had stopped. We got kitted out with helmets and buoyancy aids - 


then got our paddles and went to the canal to try canoeing.


The canoes were in pairs and fastened together so they wouldn't tip over. We were given a brief lesson on dry land . . .


. . . and then it was onto the water. 


There were a lot of us, so we took up three twin canoes, which took a while to launch.


We all had to be very patient!


Finally we were all afloat -


and set off down the canal. We paddled for about half-an-hour then played a game of 'canoe tig', before making our way back in time for our evening meal.


On the Sunday morning we braved the drizzle and went to the new 'ropes course' area


We were all given climbing harnesses and safety ropes, then taught how to clip and unclip ourselves from the steel cables.


The leaders were there to help us if we were unsure. 


There was a series of cables stretched between trees and over various suspended footways, rope ladders and swings. 


We soon got the hang of clipping and unclipping ourselves to get from section to section, 


and helped each other where we could.


This wooden walkway was suspended over the lake, so we tried to be really careful not to fall.


Ah well . . . at least we tried!                                                        Marie makes her way across, 


followed by Michael, who then continues onto the zip wire over the lake.


Jamie goes across the lake in fine style (even if it was a bit wobbly).


I'm not sure what this manoeuvre was about!


Ashley takes it all very casually, despite the rain having started to get heavier.


Rob seems to have glued his feet to that cable . . . 


. . . but Matthew took a dive! Luckily his harness and pulley saved him from a dunking (though by the end of the afternoon, the rain was very heavy - we were glad to be able to go in and get changed into some warm dry clothes.)


We had lots of free time in-between activities and in the evenings, when we played games and did some artwork.


We made some cut-out collages from magazines, as well as doing drawing and sketching.


We also had a Saturday evening party, with Rob playing some music for a karaoke session - here a group work on a playlist using Rob's laptop.


Several members of the group had a go at singing, cheered along by an appreciative audience. Here are Matty and Matthew . . .


. . . Bernadette . . .


. . . and Marie.


At the end of the weekend we sat together and filled in our evaluation forms - thumbs up all round!


Just before we left to go home, we had a few group photographs on the steps outside Old Borwick Hall.



In June we decided to make group t-shirts.


We had shirts printed with our group logo on the front, and then created our own designs for the back.









In October we hosted our second annual Halloween fundraising event.


Here Rob, who was the DJ for the evening, makes his grand entrance.


There were loads of great spooky costumes . . .


. . . but luckily, nobody was too scared to eat their hot pot supper or apple pie and cream (as demonstrated here by Olivia).


We were lucky enough to have a performance by Poco Loco, Blackpool's School of Samba drumming band, and after they had played they led a short workshop session for everybody to join in.


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