No Safe Words Or Tea For Alice  Tour, March 2008

This tour featured three acts:  Ceramic Hobs, Bidoche Musique (+ M. Nomized), and Heffalump Trap.
On the night of Thursday March 13th they were joined by The Drop-Out Wives at Blackpool's Raikes Hall.
Rather than the usual traditional photo gallery from the event, here's a gallery of paintings and drawings
created live, whilst the performances were happening, in a flurry of impressive and prolific activity by the
talented artist Dr. Adolf Steg (see his website:

The images  are presented here in the order the four acts performed. Click to enlarge an image (if you like).


Heffalump Trap - portrait 1 Heffalump Trap - stage view 1 Heffalump Trap - playing the actual Heffalump Trap Heffalump Trap - stage view 2 Heffalump Trap - stage view 3 Heffalump Trap - stage view 4 Bidoche Musique (and whole room view) Bidoche Musique - portrait Bidoche Musique - stage view Drop-Out Wives - stage view 1 Drop-Out Wives - portrait Drop-Out Wives - stage view 2 Drop-Out Wives - stage view 3 Advert Ceramic Hobs - stage view 1 Ceramic Hobs - portrait 1 Ceramic Hobs - portrait 2 Ceramic Hobs - stage view 2 Ceramic Hobs - extreme close-up Ceramic Hobs - portrait 3 Ceramic Hobs - stage view 3 Ceramic Hobs - stage view 4 Ceramic Hobs - portrait 4 Ceramic Hobs - stage view 5 Ceramic Hobs - stage view 6