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 “. . . the clever little honey bee has about seven thousand nerve cells.”


There is a group of physicists who are trying to find out whether the laws of physics can handle the existence of CTLs* in 'a reasonable way', which consists of seven researchers based on two continents.
(*Closed Timelike Loop - a journey through space and time that returns to its starting point in both space and time, and therefore must involve travelling backwards in time for part of the journey. CTLs are not forbidden by the laws of physics).


In a Native American myth called The Battle of the Drums, Lone Man steals Hoita the Spotted Eagle's white hide coat by whistling up the wind. The coat was whisked from his back and blown 'through the arch of a rainbow which touched it with seven colours along with a glisten of dew'.


The incidence of injuries and deaths for cats falling from high buildings peaks for falls of around seven stories (and decreases for falls from greater heights).


In the book In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan, the chapter called A Lot Of Goodnights (on page 28, which is seven times four) includes the word 'goodnight' seven times.


The average American watches TV for seven hours a day.


In the process of farming without pasture and fattening animals for slaughter, it takes seven kilograms of cereal to produce one kilogram of beef.


Damon McDonald has worked on the travelling fairground for the last seven years, and when he was showing me a picture of one of the rides he's worked on - the Scream Machine - I was delighted to see which carriage was facing the camera.

Carriage #7


America's Alert Conditions (LERTCONs) are divided into seven different stages - five Defence Conditions (DEFCONs) and 2 Emergency Conditions (EMERGCONs, which are national level reactions in response to ICBM [missiles in the air] attack. By definition, other forces go to DEFCON 1 during an EMERGCON):

  • DEFCON 5 - Normal peacetime readiness
  • DEFCON 4 - Normal, increased intelligence and strengthened security measures 
  • DEFCON 3 - Increase in force readiness above normal readiness 
  • DEFCON 2 - Further increase in force readiness, but less than maximum readiness 
  • DEFCON 1 - Maximum force readiness
  • DEFENCE EMERGENCY - Major attack upon U.S. forces overseas, or allied forces in any area
  • AIR DEFENCE EMERGENCY: Attack upon the continental United States, Canada, or US installations in Greenland by hostile aircraft or missiles is considered probable, is imminent, or is taking place


Kofi A. Annan of Ghana is the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations.


In a Roman Myth called Cupid and Psyche, Psyche, whilst searching for her lover Cupid, comes to the Temple of Venus, Godess of Love, and asks for help. Venus agrees to help on the condition that Psyche becomes her slave for seven years.


My brother's Dualit toaster has seven vertical vents cut into the metal casing (either for ventilation, or simply as a design feature).


On 25th and 27th May, 2007, I moved the entire contents of Mark and Sharon (and Martha and Bede)'s house to their new home across town in Preston, NW England. This took seven trips in my van.


All UK mobile telephone numbers begin with the digits 07.


The Double Deckers was a 1970s children's television show featuring seven children having 'fun and laughter' on a London Double Decker bus. The children were:

  • Peter Firth as Scooper
  • Brinsley Forde as Spring
  • Gillian Bailey as Billie
  • Michael Audreson as Brains
  • Douglas Simmonds as Doughnut
  • Bruce Clark as Sticks
  • Debbie Russ as Tiger


In Korean mythology there is a figure called Kim Su Ro who was born out of a golden egg and reached adulthood in only seven years. Today, some six million of South Korea's 33.5-million population bear the name Kim and claim direct descent from him.


In the song Planet Claire, the B52s tell us that "she came from Mars, or one of the seven stars".


The symbolic “Doomsday Clock”, maintained by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists to reflect what they call worsening nuclear and climate threats to the world (with midnight marking global catastrophe), is currently set at seven minutes to midnight.


The Batak people of Sumatra believe that all plants, trees, fish and animals came from seven eggs.


In the Sumerian version of the caduceus the serpents have seven 'crossings', including the base, where the two tails are wrapped round each other, and the top, where the two heads face each other, the extended tongues almost touching.



There are seven notes in the diatonic scale.


In the film Best in Show, the final of the competition (whereby the winners of all categories are judged against each other) consists of seven dogs.


I just skim-read a newspaper article at my dad's house where I read that Ian Botham holds a record for being on some cricket leaderboard or other seven times, but I can't remember the exact facts.


Jesus Christ was born in 7 BC.


John Wilkes, member of Parliament for Aylesbury in 1757, was quite a radical politician who criticized King George III for appointing a crony, the Earl of Bute, as Prime Minister. He made other such attacks on the administration, which eventually lead to a prosecution against him for seditious libel. This prosecution was unsuccessful and he remained free, but the case stirred up public sympathy and made him a champion of liberty. In 1768 he was arrested, and a crowd of 10,000 people turned up to protest at the London prison where he was being held. Troops opened fire and killed seven people.


On the seventh of July 2007 (07 / 07 / 07), Japanese artistes The Boredoms assembled seventy-seven drummers for a live performance in New York.


Visiting this webpage:
will allow you to play with a strangely satisfying interactive toy featuring seven bodies (and a ball).


The phrase "in seventh heaven", signifying "ecstatically happy", comes from the geocentric idea that each of the seven classical planets went around the Earth embedded in a separate sphere or "heaven". According to some elements of Judaism and to the Koran, the seventh and highest of these "heavens" was occupied by God and the angels.


In the film Hot Fuzz, the character Nick Angel's police number is 777.


Question: "A group of seven people arrived at a hotel late one night and asked for seven rooms. The hotelier actually only had six rooms available but said he would try and help. He put the first person in the first room and asked the second to wait a moment. Then he placed the third person in the second room, the fourth in the third room, and the fifth in the fourth room. Finally he placed the sixth in the fifth room ands went back for the seventh person, who he placed in the sixth room. Are all the people satisfied?"
(Answer: The second person still doesn't have a room).


In a Welsh legend called The Bronze Cauldron, Old White Sow the witch kicks Boy Gwion seven times each day.


Gregor Mendel’s first experiments in genealogy used seven varieties of pea plant.


In a book of Shakespeare's sonnets published in 1609, there are 154 (7 X 22) sonnets - all Shakespearean sonnets have fourteen lines with seven pairs of rhymes, in the rhyming format ABAB CDCD EFEF GG.


The Violent Femmes song Country Death Song features the lyric: ". . . close your eyes dear and count to seven . . ."


There is a huge sea serpent of Scottish folklore – Cirein Croin – that was so big his meals consisted of seven whales.


I received a postcard bearing an image titled 'Seven Keys' on 13th February 2007 from Dan Whaley. This was to accompany a CD-R he had made me containing seven songs:

  • Seven and Seven Is - Billy Bragg
  • Seventh Veil - The Woggles
  • The Seventh Son - Dion
  • Party Seven - Big Boss Man
  • Seven Days - The Milkshakes
  • Seven Heures du Matin - Jacqueline Taieb
  • Seven Thunders - Killdozer


7 keys


The Pumf Records compilation CD godspunk volume five features a track by the Charles Napiers titled Things've Changed Round Here which was written ("well, it was improvised in the studio - do you write an improvisation?") as a piece of incidental music for a screenplay written by a friend of theirs entitled Eight Minus One, which of course equals . . . seven.


In the beginning, King John said let there be seven streets [in Liverpool, England] and this was done.


The Morphine song Slow Numbers contains the lyric: 'Number seven's lucky in Japan, here we don't give a damn'.


In a Kenyan Myth called The Men in the Moon, Murilay takes a trip to the moon and, having introduced fire (and the pleasures of eating cooked food) to the Chief of the Moon, is offered all seven of the Chief's daughters as wives. Later in the story, when Murilay is homesick and travelling back to Earth with his wives and cattle, he sends a mockingbird ahead to tell his parents of his imminent arrival. Upon hearing this announcement, father replies, ". . . My Murilay is dead these seven years!"


An illustrator friend of mine, who has been commissioned to produce a series of drawings for a book, told me seven of the reasons that certain of his illustrations had been rejected:
   1) may offend dustbinmen.
   2) too sexually sinister
   3) looks like an alien
   4) may offend people with wooden legs
   5) could you change the lightbulb for a windmill
   6) looks like a sinister clown
   7) we don't understand the relevance of seahorses


Legendary soul musician Ray Charles, born in Georgia in 1930, lost his sight from glaucoma at the age of seven.


In the book Elephant Bangs Train by William Kotzwinkle there is a story titled Stroke of Good Luck. It tells of the experiences of a young boy who has his appendix removed in hospital and, in the after-care service, has a sperm test (taken manually by a female nurse). The chapter ends with the line, ". . . and the whole deal only cost my father seven hundred dollars".


Camels can go seven days without water.

661 St. Thomas enumerates seven arguments against the belief that God can know any thing in particular:
   1. Singularity being signate matter, nothing immaterial can know it
   2. Singulars do not always exist, and cannot be known when they do exist; therefore they cannot be known by an unchanging being
   3. Singulars are contigent, not necessary; therefore there can be no certain knowledge of them except when they exist
   4. Some singulars are due to volitions, which can only be known to the person willing
   5. Singulars are infinite in number, and the infinite as such is unknown
   6. Singulars are too petty for God's attention
   7. In some singulars there is evil, but God cannot know evil
662 I was sent an internet link to an amusing little film of seven dogs pushing a wheeled trolley, and took a snapshot. If you'd like to watch the film, try clicking here:

7 dogs pushing


It takes seven years for a death certificate to be issued after reporting a missing person if there is no body.


The first X-ray astronomy satellite, named Uhuru (the Swahili word for 'freedom'), was launched on 12th December 1970, a date chosen because it marked the seventh anniversary of the independence of Kenya from British Colonial rule.


Stars are classified by colour in terms of a system worked out at the Harvard College Observatory in the early 1900s, using the seven labels O, B, A, F, G, K and M. This classification system is made memorable by a mnemonic invented in those days of unthinking male chauvinism, which runs "Oh, Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me".


In a Myth from Ancient Egypt called A Bloodthirsty Tale, Hathor, the third eye of Re, ruler of the world of people on Earth as well as the family of gods in Heaven, kills many humans as a small punishment toward the whole human race. In order to stop her killing the rest the following day, Re hatches a cunning plan in which he mixes together dusty dye and seven thousand pints of foaming beer, then pours out seven thousand jugs of oozing redness on to the ground.


Painter and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti's wife, Elizabeth, died in 1862. As a token of his love he had a pile of his unpublished manuscripts wrapped in her golden tresses and buried with her in her coffin. He had a change of heart seven years later, however, and exhumed her in order to publish the poems.


Gilgamesh was an historical king of Uruk in Babylonia, on the River Euphrates in modern Iraq; he lived about 2700 B.C. Many stories and myths were written about him, some of which were written down in about 2000 B.C. in the Sumerian language on clay tablets which still survive. The Epic of Gilgamesh was one such story, with the tablets actually naming an author (which is extremely rare in the ancient world): Shin-eqi-unninni. This is the oldest known named human author! Extracts from the (translated) tablets are as follows:

Tablet I:
". . . and did not the Seven Sages themselves lay out its plans?"
". .. for six days and seven nights Enkidu stayed aroused"

Tablet II:
". . . he drank the beer - seven jugs! - and became expansive and sang with joy!"

Tablet IV:
". . . He has not put on his seven coats of armour"

Tablet VI:
". . . yet you dug for him seven and again seven pits"
". . . ordained for him to gallop for seven and seven hours"
". . . there will be seven years of empty husks for the land of Uruk"
". . . in order that they might eat in the seven years of empty husks"

Tablet VII:
". . . Seventy-two cubits was your height, 14 cubits your width, one cubit your thickness"
". . . May the wife, the mother of seven (children)"
". . . a fifth, a sixth, and seventh, that Enkidu . . . in his bed"

Tablet IX:
". . . Seven leagues he travelled"

Tablet X:
". . . Six days and seven nights I mourned over him"
". . . Six days and seven nights I mourned over him" [the line is repeated]
". . . take a fifth, Gilgamesh, a sixth, and a seventh pole"
". . . Six days and seven nights I mourned over him" [yes, it's repeated again]

Tablet XI:
". . . thus dividing it into seven (levels)"
". . . Six days and seven nights"
". . . When the seventh day arrived, the storm was pounding"
". . . When a seventh day arrived"
". . . Seven and seven cult vessels I put in place"
". . . Wait! You must not lie down for six days and seven nights"
". . . the seventh - suddenly he touched him and the man awoke"
". . . The seventh - at that instant you awoke!"
". . . and did not the Seven Sages themselves lay out its plan!"


The first British National Lottery in 1994 had a prize fund of £15.8 million, which was shared between seven winners.


Here's a picture of a partridge in a pear tree bearing seven pears.

7 pears


In the UK, the average person throws away his own body weight in rubbish every seven weeks.


"The Palace was seven miles from Whitechapel. Seven miles of roiling chaos."


There are seven islands in the Spanish archipelago known as the Canaries (off the north-west coast of Morocco): they are El Hierro, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Palma, Lanzarote and Tenerife.


In Peru, there exist ancient Indian pyramids in which the guaca, or tomb of the sun, always has seven steps.


In an experiment to determine the fastest method of emptying a bottle of liquid, it was found that employing a circular motion (to force a small vortex to form in the neck of the bottle, allowing air to pass continuously through the eye of said vortex to replace the liquid) was the most efficient method, emptying a 750ml wine bottle in 7.7 seconds.


Omar Khayyam's poem the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam has the following lines:
   "To-morrow! - Why, To-morrow I may be
    Myself with Yesterday's Sev'n thousand Years".


The average human body comprises enough fat to make seven bars of soap.


In a Sumerian Myth called The Gods Down Tools, Enlil, Lord of the Winds, sends a flood 'to drown every mortal' in which water rolled down the rivers and cascaded out of the sky for seven days and seven nights.


When I saw a map of Maize Maze locations, upon visiting the one in Singleton, Lancashire, UK in 2007, I was delighted to find that out of 51 Maize Mazes worldwide the Singleton one was number seven in the list.


In Celtic Myth, a Cockatrice reportedly hatches from a spherical, leathery egg laid in a compost heap by a seven-year-old cockerel, whilst Sirius the Dog Star is in the ascendant, after said egg has been incubated by a toad.


In the film Rat Race, where the contestants end up at the 'Feed The Earth' rally at the end, the banners for the 'Feed The Earth' group feature seven human figures in silhouette holding hands over an earth / globe map.


Proverbs 6:16-19 lists seven things that makes God mad – haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that run to evil, a false witness, and a man who sows discord.


Willard Wigen is an artist sculpting out of dust particles, sugar crystals, etc. to create 'Microscopic Art'. One of his pieces is The royal court in the eye of a needle, and features seven tiny figures.

The royal court in the eye of a needle


The average adult spends seventy-seven minutes a day eating.


Ritz crackers have 7 holes.


A quote from Liverpudlian funnyman Ken Dodd: "If I get a hard audience they are not going to get away until they laugh. Those seven laughs a minute, I've got to have them".


The seventh planet in the solar system is Uranus.


In a Native American myth called A Prickly Situation, Porcupine is stranded by the army of the Beaver People on an island seven miles offshore.


The Earth's magnetic field is pulled into a long magnetic tail by its interaction with the solar wind, typically to seven million kilometres or more.


The Book of Stupid Lists contains several lists of seven things, but they're all far too stupid to reprint here apart from this one:
Seven Stupid Ways To Keep Your Records Clean

  • Scour them with a Brillo pad soaked in Vim
  • Put them in the washing machine on programme five
  • Screw them to your car roof and drive through a car wash
  • Shake them in a sealed container filled with bits of broken glass, razor blades and barbed wire
  • Break them over a friend's head
  • Soak them in concentrated nitric acid
  • Don't ever take them out of their sleeves


On May 1st 2oo7 I received a telephone message on my answering machine. It was a robotic voice reading out a text message that Mandy had sent to me, saying "I've just laid seven bricks and I'm knackered'.


The average life span of a major league baseball is seven pitches.


I received a wonderful Xmas present from Jane and Izzy in 2006 - a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle with seven images of Queen Elizabeth II on it, to commemorate her golden jubilee. When I'd completed it, I took a photograph.



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