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The average human lifespan is seventy-seven  years.


Seven is sacred to the Greek god Apollo.


Seven is also sacred to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar.


In the film Papillon, the character Henri Charriere is trying to escape from the penal colony Devil’s Island, where he had been sent for a murder that he didn’t commit. The only way off the island is by sea; he discovers that the waves come in series of seven, and that it’s the seventh wave which is big enough to carry him away from the treacherous rocks and take him to the mainland.


Seven colours make up the visible spectrum – this is most often seen in a rainbow.


"A wooden Russian doll which, opened, reveals a smaller but otherwise identical doll which opens to reveal, etc., a lesson in infinity at least to the number of seven dolls."


During the ten days leading up to the 1st January, 2000, fourteen (2 X 7) photographers were asked to travel the British Isles to record the millennium. The resulting book of photographs cost £7.99 (7=7; 9+9=18, 8-1=7) and is possibly the most unenlightening, pointless waste of time ever created by humanity. There’s a nice picture of seven people dressed in red coats looking at seven pieces of white paper taken on 27 / 12 / 1999 in London, though.

7 people in red coats

(And, what do you know, there are seven pictures hanging on the wall behind them).


Pope Pius IV ( who was in office 1559 – 1565) announced a bull, which forbade ‘women of bad character’ from living near churches and stopped girls under the age of seven from ‘selling chicory in the street’. (This was a euphemism: just as street corner flower girls during the Victorian era were sometimes themselves for sale, so too were chicory sellers during the Renaissance).


An e-mail I received on February 5th 2002, regarding the first 77 facts about the Number 7 collection, stated "Hey, don't forget that Prince had a nice song called 7."


There are seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.


There are seven Tongues of Fire (representing Pentecost).


There are seven Virtues.


There are seven Petitions in the Lord’s Prayer.


For Easter 2002 I received a Terry’s Chocolate Easter egg containing seven individual chocolate orange segments.


In one of the first reports from the New World in 1502, Amerigo Vespucci wrote of the natives:
". . . They pierce their own cheeks, lips, noses and ears . . . indeed I saw several people who had seven holes in a single face, each big enough to hold a plum . . . if you were to see such an unusual and monstrous thing as a man with seven stones just in his cheeks or jaw or lips, some of them half a palm long, you would be amazed. And I often considered this and judged that seven such stones must weigh sixteen ounces."


In Caanite myth Lotan, the devil-serpent, had seven heads.


Agni, the Hindu solar god, has seven tongues.


There are seven stages of man in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. These seven stages are:
  • helplessness
  • oppression
  • foolishness
  • false pride
  • complacency
  • ineffectualness
  • decay


I own a deck of Lion playing cards made in Shanghai, China, which inexplicably have the number 77 printed on the bottom end of the pack.



Japanese pagodas traditionally have seven stories, symbolising the seven stages of reaching heaven.


Numerous priests believe that the number seven merely represents ‘perfection.’


Other priests believe it represents ‘cessation’ or ‘completion.’


Approaching Galgate near Lancaster, England, after leaving the M6 motorway at junction 33 and driving along the A6, motorists drive over seven red strips in the road, which are presumably designed to slow traffic.


At the annual duck race in Galgate, Lancaster, in April 2002 the winning duck was #101, closely followed by #113 – these digits total seven . More significant, however, is the following fact: when I ordered three coffees, one drinking chocolate, two flake cakes, one flapjack and one scone in the canal-side café after the race, the bill came to £7.77p.


As of March 2002 in the English education system, there have been seven major changes to the examination structure since the inception of GCSEs, seven different Secretaries of State for Education since the inception of GCSEs, and seven rounds of public examinations recommended for each pupil up to the age of 18.


Richard John Bingham was the seventh Earl of Lucan. In ’66 he screen tested for the role of a British diplomat opposite Shirley Maclaine in Vittorio de Sica’s film Seven Times Seven, but didn’t get the part. After separating from his wife Veronica in ’73 Lord Lucan had custody of his children for seven weeks, after which they returned to live with their mother. Sandra Rivett became nanny to his children in September ’74, seven months after she separated from her husband. On seventh November ’74 Sandra Rivett was murdered at Lord Lucan’s home. The Lord then disappeared, leaving behind gambling debts of £14,177. It was seven months until the inquest into Sandra’s death, which ended after four days with a 70-minute summing up by the coroner. The jury, a legal minimum of seven people, reached a verdict of ‘Murder by Lord Lucan’. This prompted concerns about the branding of an absent ‘innocent until proved guilty’ person. Subsequently, new limits were set on the verdicts that a coroner’s jury was allowed to return in the Criminal Law Act of 1977.


The Magnificent Seven is a film, which appears to have been based on an original story titled The Seven Samurai. It starred Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Eli Wallach, Horst Buchholz, James Coburn, Robert Vaughn, Charles Bronson and probably featured many other persons.

The Magnificent Seven


Return of the Seven is, purportedly, the best sequel film to The Magnificent Seven.


And Guns of the Magnificent Seven is another sequel.


Which was followed by The Magnificent Seven Ride!


In magic, there are seven knots in the cord for spellbinding.


The Cornershop album When I was Born for the 7th Time features the lyrics, ‘. . . for the seventh time without tumbling desire’, whatever tumbling desire is, and ‘. . . seventy-seven thousand piece orchestra said, everybody needs a bosom for a pillow’. It may well reference the number seven some more, but I got bored with concentrating and went and did something else after listening to the first two tracks.


And on the seventh day he rested.


The Sumerians, some 6000 years ago, referred to Earth as the Seventh Planet. This was because they started counting from the planet furthermost from the sun, this despite the fact that Pluto wasn’t discovered until the 1930s. They also told their understanding of our solar system on seven stone tablets.


In Sumerian history, there are seven lunar divisions and seven days of the week. There are also seven zones of earth and seven planes of the ziggurat tower.


At one point in the children’s song, there are ‘Seven green bottles hanging on the wall . . .’


In Christian dogma there are seven holy sacraments.


777 British servicemen and civilians were injured during the Falklands conflict in 1982 (excluding the 255 dead). Ministry of Defence figures give: loss of arm, 4; loss of leg, 16; loss of foot, 9; loss of hand, 1; loss of toes, 1; eye injuries, 13; ear injuries, 12; burns, 120; head injuries, 59; fractures, 58; gunshot wounds, 72; other wounds (including shrapnel), 195; trench foot and other injuries caused by cold, 109; shock, 17; smoke inhalation, 13; dislocations and sprains, 39; minor and unknown, 39.


I visited Brock Bottom in March 2002 and stood on a bridge, the railings of which consisted of seven sections.

pStan on a bridge


Alchemists work with seven metals.


Whenever people are in raptures about something, they describe themselves as being in ‘Seventh Heaven’. Why seventh heaven? I’m not sure. Perhaps the other six are crap.


In March 2002 it was leaked that George W. Bush has invested in further nuclear weapons technology with regard to use against a possible 7 nations, those being:
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Russia
  • China
  • Syria
  • Libya


Seven is the sum of the number of man (4) and the number of the divinity (3).


In the run-up to Helter Skelter – what The Family believed would be the end of civilisation – Charlie Manson "taught that the family bringing the seven holes on the seven planes into alignment would be the ones to squirt through to the other side of the universe". The Hole was in Death Valley and was The Family’s intended refuge from Helter Skelter, where they would wait until it was time for them to rise and take control.


Seven is the Hebrew number of occult intelligence. There are seven great holy days and seven years to build the temple.


When Nuno de Guzman led his armies into Sinaloa in 1530 (several years before Cabeza deVaca), he was seeking the Seven Cities of Cibola. The Seven Cities were a medieval Spanish myth translated to the American Southwest, presumably on information gathered from Indians familiar with Chaco, Aztec, and Paquime – or, less likely, pueblos like those at Zuni.


In the photo album eponymously titled Beer Sheva, which appears to have been printed in the early 1970’s, a photograph of that Israeli town’s skyscraper clearly displays the building’s unusual design, based on groups of seven overlapping building blocks.

7 skyscraper


There are seven angels of the Presence, seven councils of the early church, seven devils cast out by Christ and seven joys and sorrows of Mary the virgin, mother of Jesus.


"What about the Global 7, or G7? The economic tyrants of earth, numbering seven? ‘The G7 Meeting’ . . . what are they talking about? Yes, that’s right . . . The number 7!!!!!!!"


In the poem:

"As I was going to St. Ives,
I met a man with seven wives.
Each wife had seven sacks,
Each sack held seven cats,
Each cat had seven kits.
Kits, cats, sacks and wives,
How many were going to St. Ives?",

we are supposed to deduce that only one person – ‘I’ – was going to St Ives, but nowhere does it say that ‘I’ didn’t meet the man with seven wives as he walked in the same direction as ‘I’, but much more slowly, what with having to struggle under the weight of 2744 feline mammals in 49 sacks (even with the help of his seven wives).


Sen’night is an Olde Worlde term for a week.


Top film The Shawshank Redemption was nominated for seven academy awards.


"The just man stumbles seven times a day" – Strach / Sirach.


To keep the men’s hose from falling down in the days before elastic (we’re talking early 1400s here), the top of the tights sported pairs of eyelets through which strings could be tied. Normally, a man used as many as seven fancy little strings to keep his hose up.


In tantric / yoga tradition there are seven chakras (spiritual energy points) to the human body.


An old saw in business administration, introduced to archaeology by Gregory Johnson (1978), is the rule of seven: Seven is the maximum for effective group action; seven is the top number of tasks a top administrator can juggle.


In Egyptian history, there are Seven Fates whose priestesses had seven jars and seven tunics, Ra had seven hawks representing the seven wise ones, there are seven houses to the underworld, and seven is the sacred number of Osiris.


There are, allegedly, Seven Seas (or, more accurately, Seven Oceans; these are traditionally given as the Antarctic, the Arctic, the Indian, the North Atlantic, the North Pacific, the South Atlantic and the South Pacific) and the popular music group Queen sang about Seven Seas of Rye.


A brand of vitamin supplement tablet is called ‘Seven Seas’.


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – based extremely loosely on the Stephen Vincent Benet story Sobbin’ Women – is one of the best MGM musicals of the 1950s (or so I read somewhere).

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


The British television sit-com Sorry! ran for seven series over the seven years 1981-1988.


Obviously, the number seven does in fact have at least some mystical properties. For one, there are seven days of creation, seven heavens, seven hells, and seven islands of Atlantis.


But there are also seven socks in my drawer, seven swans a swimming, seven continents, seven ones in seven, I was seven once, and there are seven letters in the word ‘science’.


And the word ‘machine’.


There are seven wise men of Greece.


‘Pyjamas? Aisle seven,’ a clerk says helpfully.


The roadrunner, a bipedal bird (capable of flight but which prefers running) raises its body temperature by seven degrees prior to running by spreading its dark tail to absorb heat from the sun.


Wind Power, generated out at sea, could supply all the UK’s electricity needs from a square patch of sea with sides seventy-seven miles long.


The "Seven Liberal Arts" was a system of education bequeathed by Ancient Greece to Rome and thence to mediaeval Europe. The Seven Liberal Arts were dialectic, grammar and rhetoric (together comprising the trivium), and the more advanced arts of arithmetic, astronomy, geometry and music (the quadrivium).


There are seven signs of aging, according to a television advert by the beauty products company who market Olay, which was called Oil of Ulay for years, but I don't know what they are because the advert was too quick for me to be able to read them. I think one of them was 'tone'.


The collection of short stories Night Shift by Stephen King was published in 1978, followed seven years later by his second collection, Skeleton Crew, in 1985, followed seven years later by his third, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, in 1992.


And in Nightmares and Dreamscapes there is a short story called Rainy Season that tells of a shower of toads on June 17th every seven years. "You see, it doesn't just sprinkle toads. It pours."


A seven-segment display is an arrangement of seven bars forming a square figure of eight, used in electronic displays of alpha-numeric characters: any letter or figure can be represented by illuminating selected bars.


This picture has been brought to you by . . .

The magic number 7


In his book, The Cosmic Code, Zecharia Sitchin writes, ". . . several numbers of celestial or sacred importance seem to be out of place. One is the number seven, whose significance in the story of Creation, as the seventh or Sabbath day, in the name of Abraham’s abode Beer-Sheba (‘The Well of Seven’), and so on is easily recognised. In Mesopotamia, it was applied to the Seven Who Judge, the Seven Sages, the Seven Gates to the Lower World, the Seven Tablets of the Enuma Elish. It was an epithet on Enlil (‘Enlil is Seven’) the Sumerians stated; and – undoubtedly the origin of the number’s significance – it was the planetary number of earth, ‘Earth is the seventh,’ all Sumerian astrological texts asserted."
Thus, in Sitchin’s view, the number seven represents the earth as seen and calculated from the planet Nibiru, which is a large planet with a 3600 year orbit that is currently outside of the planet Pluto’s orbit.


Robert Temple, the writer of The Sirius Mystery, believes otherwise. You see, Zecharia Sitchin studies Sumeria, and Robert Temple studies Egypt. Given, Sumeria is older, Temple seems to feel that many of the lost answers to the Sumerian mysteries may, in fact, be found in Egyptian mythology, its symbolism and well-noted occult practices. According to Temple, the significance of the number stems from the ‘seven gods of destiny’, who are also referred to as, ‘The Seven Annunaki of the Underworld’.
Temple goes on and explains: "Remember that in both Sumer and Egypt each god of significance in astronomical terms has his own ten day period or week. If we multiply seven gods times ten days we get seventy days . . . Sirius was, astronomically, the foundation of the entire Egyptian religious system. Its celestial movements determined the Egyptian calendar, which is even known as the Sothic calendar. Its helical rising marked the beginning of the Egyptian year and roughly coincided with the flooding of the Nile . . . The helical rising was the occasion when Sirius again rose into visibility in the sky after a period of seventy days of being out of sight, during which time it was conceived as being in the Duat, or Underworld."
To paraphrase: The number seven represents the seven ‘gods’ it takes for the star of Sirius to reappear in the sky after being out of sight for seventy days. Each god is worth ten days. Therefore, the number seven is all about the star Sirius as opposed to the Earth. The Star Sirius has been depicted throughout numerous pieces of artwork in both Egypt and the Dogon Tribe as a seven-pointed star, all the more enforcing this possibility.


So who is right? Robert Temple or Zecharia Sitchin?
If you have an opinion on this matter, you’re taking things much too seriously. Go out more.


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