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Welded metal






Here at Batcow Artworks I've been dedicated to the task of finding new life for otherwise useless, discarded materials for many years. I've been proudly recycling stuff since the early 1980's, and have created many artworks in a variety of styles and materials.
All my artworks are original, unique pieces, taking inspiration from many sources, including much of the animal world - 'creatures' is a recurring theme, with many Imaginary Creatures evolving from the process. There have also been quite a few pieces based on musicians and music.

A note about caring for your pieces of artwork:
~ Soapstone sculptures are carved from natural stone (either a single piece, or several differently-coloured pieces joined together) and may have inherent imperfections. They are fragile and should not be dropped or knocked.
~ Copperwire sculptures, made from reclaimed lengths of electrical cable (and occasionally including other materials) are extremely delicate, and their shape will be altered by anything other than the gentlest handling; even a squeeze between your fingers could have catastrophic results. The copper is likely to naturally darken over time.
~ Welded sculptures, made from scrap metals, will rust if kept outside. Prolong their life by bringing them inside when the weather is cold and wet and miserable. They could be given a coat of paint or clear varnish occasionally to help protect the metal.
~ Other artworks are the ones that don't fit into any of the other categories - this encompasses all other materials, including driftwood, plastic, metal whatchamacallits and more.

In general, all Batcow Artworks are of a delicate nature and care should be taken in handling them in every way you can think of (and a few you haven't yet considered).

The ubiquitous Health & Safety Statement:
Please be aware that although every care is taken during the sculpting process, it is possible that some Batcow Artworks sculptures may have sharp points or edges owing to the nature of the materials used. For your safety, they should be handled carefully. They are NOT intended as toys, but as ornamental artworks only.

Please note:
Batcow Artworks does not use mass-marketing packaging materials for any of these artworks. They will be boxed safely in reused cardboard and other reused packaging materials.